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Safety Surfacing Options for Your Playground


What will you put beneath your playground? Playground equipment is but one of the things you need to consider in the play environment you provide.  Equally important is what type of surfacing you’ll select to cushion the feet and falls of the children your community serves.  Although there are many options available, there’s no one…

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Invest in Shade for Your Community

photo from childrens-house-sail-shades-ipr-hawaii

What You Need to Know Before Investing in a Shade System for Your Community! If you’ve spent anytime outdoors on a playground, lunch table, or park mid-day in Hawaii you’re already well aware of how hot it gets in the sun!  I’ve seen many an empty playground or park during the day because it’s just…

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Spray Parks VIDEO: Reinventing Fun

Spray Parks combine two childhood favorites – playgrounds and water – to create a play environment that is reinventing fun across the nation.  With our warm climate 365 days a year, Hawaii is the perfect place to invest in an outdoor spray park. Community parks and resorts in particular, can attract more patrons by  enhancing…

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Why Choose Multipurpose Flooring?

photo of Hawaii Pacific Academy polyurethane athletic flooring project.

Is a multi-function polyurethane floor system a good fit for your facility? Hardwood gym floors are a sight to behold, yet looks alone don’t make it the best fit for every facility with athletic flooring needs. Especially k-12 schools that tend to have one gym that must  serve a variety of events. Synthetic flooring options can…

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Top 3 Predictions for Upcoming Trends in Parks and Recreation

IPR Hawaii looks into the future to bring you growing industry trends As leading partners in building Hawaii’s community recreation facilities we are continuously researching and studying worldwide discussions and trends in the world of parks and play. Based on this we’ve put together a short list of the top 3 biggest trends we see…

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Caring For Your Maple Wood Gym Floor

  Choosing to install a hardwood maple flooring system is a big investment that shows you take pride in your facility and want the best playing surface possible for you athletes. These hardwood flooring systems can easily give you 50 years or more of high quality service when maintained properly. In order to help you…

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Making Play a Community Priority

The act of play is disappearing from the lives of our children. Kids are playing less in their homes, schools and neighborhoods as active unstructured play falls victim to tv, video games, internet, busy schedules, declining recess time, and a lack of access to safe play environments. There is concerning evidence showing that the loss…

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Spotlight Project: NOAA CDC Unique Playground Designs

Spotlight on the NOAA CDC Playgrounds By: Morad Elwir, IPR Hawaii Project Manager Being a new parent, I’m just beginning to appreciate the value that playgrounds offer children.  They give kids a place to let out some of that endless energy and to satisfy their curiosity for the world around them in a safe yet challenging…

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Why Design Build Is The Way To Go!

  It’s easy to recognize the benefits of creating a play, sports, or recreational project for your community.   If only building the project was as simple!  There is a deeply layered process of funding, designing, permitting, and installing any community cornerstone project, be it large or small.  Each step of the process can have you…

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