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Why Choose Multipurpose Flooring?

Is a multi-function polyurethane floor system a good fit for your facility?

photo of Hawaii Pacific Academy polyurethane athletic flooring project.

Hawaii Pacific Academy polyurethane athletic flooring project.

Hardwood gym floors are a sight to behold, yet looks alone don’t make it the best fit for every facility with athletic flooring needs. Especially k-12 schools that tend to have one gym that must  serve a variety of events. Synthetic flooring options can actually offer better multipurpose capabilities than their hardwood counterparts while still offering quality performance as an athletic flooring option.

In fact, our lines of polyurethane flooring can match the performance capabilities of virtually any hardwood floor.

photo of Hawaii Pacific Academy polyurethane athletic flooring project.

Hawaii Pacific Academy polyurethane athletic flooring project.

A little bit about polyurethane synthetic flooring:

We use Action Herculan multi-function floor systems which consist of a cushioned shock-absorbent underlayment in combination with a strong, flexible polyurethane top layer.  Herculan flooring options can be utilized for a number of different applications including both indoor and outdoor environments.  The flooring systems generally consist of a 4-application process:

  1. Recycled granular rubber base mat. The thickness of the underlayment affects the amount of shock absorption and can be suited to the desired application.
  2. Sealant coat
  3. Self-leveling polyurethane coating – helps to ensure consistent uniformity throughout the floor system. This coating comes in 80mil-160mil dft and are spike resistant at 160 mil thickness.
  4. The process is completed by a water-based non-toxic urethane top coat, customizable in a variety of colors.

Important to note here is that these flooring applications are nontoxic with virtually no smell, which is huge because the surrounding areas don’t have to be evacuated during installation. The installation is quick and doesn’t require long acclimation periods (30-90 days) like wood flooring. Less than 2 weeks for 20,000 sqft. Also, very resistant which is great for outdoor areas.

The Herculan line of MF and TC systems are known internationally for their durability, high performance, quality of play, and unsurpassed water resistance. Here’s a short list of benefits for investors to the end users:

  • Athlete Safety – provides excellent shock absorption, deflection, and low slip surface friction to help reduce injuries and wear on joints for athletes.
  • Quality Floor Performance – the self-leveling aspects allow for consistent uniformity throughout the flooring system that translate to reliable play and ball bounce.
  • Low Maintenance – when compared to acrylic courts, Herculan polyurethane courts last longer, don’t crack, and are easier to repair.  They can be resurfaced quickly and economically while requiring little maintenance.
  • Cost Efficient – the multipurpose functionality of these flooring systems also comes at a comparably lower cost than hardwood floors
  • Flexibility of Use – work well for indoor sports, dance, and school functions of all sorts. They have both indoor and outdoor applications. The only difference being that outdoor options include UV resistant coatings.
  • Eco Friendly – Herculan’s synthetic polyurethane seamless systems are solvent free, containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). They exceed all EPA and regional air quality standards for adhesives and floor finishes. This makes for minimally disruptive installations to occupied facilities.

Whatever your facility needs, polyurethane flooring can offer solutions for your consideration. IPR now also features a line of non-porous surfacing with commercial and institutional applications (think hallways, classrooms, entryways, food & beverage service facilities, laboratories, etc.)  These new flooring options are impact resistant and durable making them a great option for institutions that require frequent chemical washing.

Contact us for free consultation to see if our polyurethane flooring options could be a good fit for your upcoming project.