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Wet-n-Wild Pool Resurfacing

If your pool is showing its age you’re likely running away from the water instead of running to jump in.  Cracks, blisters, and discoloration are unsightly and if not addressed will continue to deteriorate quickly.  If this is the case you should consider giving your pool a facelift by having it resurfaced.  IPR Hawaii was able to help renew the large scale wave pool at the Wet-n-Wild water park in Kapolei, Oahu.

Check these before and after photos to see how a pool resurfacing can revitalize your pool.


Wet-n-Wild drained wave pool before resurfacing.


Severe surface discoloration before wave pool resurfacing.


Completed wave pool resurfacing before refilling with water.


Freshly resurfaced pool ready to just add water!


Wet-n-Wild guests enjoy the newly resurfaced wave pool.


The resurfaced pool makes the water look look clean and irresistible when completed.