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Wahiawa Skate Park

wahiawa skate park photo

Local skateboarders try out the new skate park obstacles at the opening of the Wahiawa Skate Park, October 8, 2016.

The Wahiawa Skate Park was a very special community build project that involved many dedicated volunteers from the community and other local businesses.  The efforts to revitalize Wahiawa’s old skate park, then closed to the public, was spearheaded by local resident and avid skateboarder Brandon Leong, with the help of his father Mike Leong.  Once they gained the support of the Wahiawa CBDO organization IPR Hawaii got involved to consult, design, and install a new skate park for the community.

IPR Hawaii was honored to be a part of the Wahiawa Skate Park Community Build Project.  Our life-blood is in our commitment to the keiki of Hawai’i.  We are always the most proud and excited to participate in projects like this that display true Hawaiian values such as ‘ohana (family), pa’ahana (hard work), and laulima (cooperation).  Thank you to all the partners involved for taking this Community Cornerstone from a vision to a reality.