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Spotlight Project: NOAA CDC Unique Playground Designs

Spotlight on the NOAA CDC Playgrounds

By: Morad Elwir, IPR Hawaii Project Manager


IPR Hawaii Project Manager, Morad Elwir gets a high five from Blake as he tries out playground equipment recently installed by IPR Hawaii.

Being a new parent, I’m just beginning to appreciate the value that playgrounds offer children.  They give kids a place to let out some of that endless energy and to satisfy their curiosity for the world around them in a safe yet challenging environment.   That’s why being the project manager for a special project like the NOAA CDC daycare facility was so fulfilling for me.

Not only was it the first project I was able to see through from conception to completion in my time with IPR Hawaii, but it was also unique in that this project required four separate ‘playscapes’ to serve the developmental needs of children of varying ages.

It’s also what we call in the industry a, “design build” project.  Due to all the varying scopes and features this project really benefited from the close collaboration we had throughout the design and installation process.  This ability to have direct and smooth communication keeps the process more enjoyable for everyone.

The time and efforts of many people are needed to complete a large project like this and it was very satisfying for me to play such an important role in helping to build the central play features that will be part of the daily lives of so many children.

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