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Why Design Build Is The Way To Go!



In a design build project you work with one contractor who assumes responsibility for all aspects of the installation process.

It’s easy to recognize the benefits of creating a play, sports, or recreational project for your community.   If only building the project was as simple!  There is a deeply layered process of funding, designing, permitting, and installing any community cornerstone project, be it large or small.  Each step of the process can have you feeling trapped in an endless stream of communications and conflicts that suck up your time and resources.  While there’s no way to remove the necessary steps involved, there are ways to simplify the process.  In the general contracting field it’s known as a ‘Design Build’ project and this approach to your venture can relieve many of the burdens; by placing the accountability and details of the project in the hands of one expert.

Often times people go about working with several separate contractors for their projects. This can quickly become a communication nightmare  as everyone brings their individual opinions to the table which must then be reconciled.  In addition, conflicting schedules and timelines from separate contractors can cause hold ups in the production schedule.  The key to minimizing these headaches is to find a specialty contractor  who has the expertise and capabilities to handle and manage all aspects of the project for you from start to finish.  When you work with one company that is able to provide consultative, design and installation services you are able to avoid excess communication pitfalls and production hold-ups.  You should look for a company that will listen and strive to understand  your vision, collaborate with you on design, handle the details of bringing all necessary elements together for installation, and streamline the process overall of bringing your project to life.

3 reasons you should consider a design-build approach to your project:

  1. Accountability:  Working directly with one contractor on your project simplifies the process for everyone. They will assume accountability for getting everything done through completion of the project; taking responsibility for cost, schedule, quality, and what the final product will look like.  This relieves the headaches of dealing with additional contractors saving you time, easing the communication process on all levels, and allowing you to focus on the daily operations of your own organization.
  2. Efficiency:  Because the business owner and contractor are working together directly on all aspects of the job, there are no other people to point fingers at or to wait on.  Ideas and information are communicated more clearly with less room for alternative interpretations and misunderstandings.   With one contractor in control of the project there is no need to wait for layers of approvals or long threads of communication between multiple 3rd parties.  This allows for a greater collaboration between owner and contractor in more creative, solution-oriented ways.
  3. Expertise:  Especially, in trades like play, parks and sports, specialty contractors, like IPR Hawaii, are the experts in the field.  We already have the running knowledge and experience relevant to these areas.  This allows us the ability for a deep collaboration with our clients throughout the process, from conception and design to the execution and completion of a successful project.  Having this capacity removes conflicts between architects and other general contractors when it comes to design specifications and construction details because we know what we plan to do from the beginning, and then follow it through to the end.

If you’d like more information about Design Build projects and how this approach can help make your upcoming project the best experience possible, please click here to contact us!