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Spray Park Sensation

A New Dimension of Play


Newly completed spray park by IPR Hawaii at the Red Hill Community Center, featuring a life size Orca whale tail that spouts a cascading waterfall, multi-directional sprayers, and floor spouts that gently shoot water straight up into the air.

Water, our lives are intrinsically connected to it.  Its universal appeal has always brought people together transcending time, culture, and age.   Today, there’s a growing trend on the rise across the nation, utilizing our innate attraction for water and bringing communities together through an added element of fun.  The spray park sensation is delivering an exciting new dimension to outdoor recreation and it’s no surprise given that water is such a perfect vehicle for play.  

What better place than Hawaii for combining the outdoor playground environment with the refreshing thrill of water?  The addition only enhances the developmental benefits that playgrounds already provide by including additional sensory elements and opportunities for exploration.  Something special happens when water is added to play.  It’s immediately apparent in the screams and squeals of joy from children enjoying water games.  Spray park features encourage lots of social interaction and gross motor skill development as kids aim movable canons to spray each other while jumping, running and dodging in and out of the line of fire.  Water play also adds body sensory textures that kids love like misting, raining, splashing, and squirting.

Spray parks require less maintenance than community pools.  Since there is virtually no standing water it’s not necessary to keep lifeguards on duty.  Another factor in cost efficiency and sustainability is that many splash pad water systems are designed to re-circulate the water.  Some systems even allow for water to be stored underground to percolate back into ground water or be reused for subsurface or above ground irrigation.


The fish and turtle spray fixtures are movable allowing users to direct the spray.

There’s no question, due to the high fun factor of spray parks, cities and communities are experiencing revitalization of derelict areas transformed into water playscapes.  Spray parks can be a great solution for drawing people to little used spaces where cities would like to breathe new life.  What neighborhood wouldn’t love to have access to this kind of fun nearby?

Water is an instant attraction. Not only is water play fun but in an age where play often takes a back seat to busy schedules and gaming devices, the new spray park trend has the ability to revitalize play environments and bring families together for a new dimension of fun and engagement.