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Archive for June 2016

Blessing a New Playground

Ewa by Gentry and community members join IPR Hawaii in blessing a newly constructed playground There’s nothing like seeing the the faces of children as they rush towards a new playground for the first time.  IPR Hawaii recently had the honor of participating in the blessing and unveiling for one of our newly constructed playgrounds at…

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Spray Park Sensation

A New Dimension of Play Water, our lives are intrinsically connected to it.  Its universal appeal has always brought people together transcending time, culture, and age.   Today, there’s a growing trend on the rise across the nation, utilizing our innate attraction for water and bringing communities together through an added element of fun.  The spray…

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Meet Porter Athletic

IPR Hawaii Project Manager, Cinja Strickland recently visited the Porter Athletics main office and showrooms to get to know our main supplier of indoor and outdoor sports equipment a little better.  She came back with new impressions of the company and some interesting facts about how they got started over a century ago.  Cinja had this to…

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Interkal Seating: A Peek Inside The Company

IPR Hawaii was excited to have a peek inside the factory of our main sports facilities seating manufacturer.  Cinja Strickland, IPR Hawaii Project Manager, shared some pics and insights gained from her trip to Kalamazoo, Mi to visit the Interkal headquarters and manufacturing facility.  Here’s what she had to say about her recent experience: “The…

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Ridgeway Community Playground

We built the Ridgeway Community Playground for smaller children ages 2-5.  The design offers opportunities for kids to climb, slide, and crawl within a safe height for their age.  This project also features synthetic turf as a low maintenance option that blended beautifully with the natural grass lawn of surrounding area.

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Hokuloa Community Playgrounds

The Hokuloa Community playgrounds are a good example of how we work with clients to develop play environments that meet the unique needs of every neighborhood.  We built play equipment in three separate areas to create “play pockets” that are easily accessible for families throughout the neighborhood. “It was a pleasure working with all of…

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Community Cornerstones Video

Parks, playgrounds, and athletic venues are a part of our lives from the time we are small learning to run and climb on the playground until we reach our elder years seeking out a comfortable place to relax and watch the world go by.  These community cornerstones shape our lives without us even realizing it.  Many of…

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Inter-generational Play Creates Lasting Bonds

The Art of Play is a great equalizer in life between generations.  Consider the transformative value of parks for the health and vitality of communities as they create opportunities for youth, families, and adults of all ages to gather together and recreate.   The occasions for inter-generational play they provide are invaluable for everyone, as the…

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