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4 Important Reasons To Protect Your Playground Investment

IPR playground maintenance photo

Dax Grover inspects work done on an IPR hawaii playground installation at the Hokuloa community residences in Kahalu’u, Hawaii.

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
– Fred Rogers, American television personality (1928 – 2003)

A new playground is a huge expenditure for any school or neighborhood community yet the paybacks provided for each individual child and communities as a whole provide valuable foundations for human development in immeasurable ways. Because of the large costs involved in creating playground environments, it only makes sense to preserve and protect those investments. We’ve compiled a short list of important reasons to budget for ongoing maintenance programs that will help to prolong the life of this significant investment over time. It only makes sense to maintain the life of your play equipment and extend its benefits to the community safely for many years to come. Here are 4 important reasons to protect your playground investment:

  1. Limit Risk: It’s estimated that at least 33% of playground accidents could be avoided with a planned maintenance program (National Recreation & Park Associations CPSI Course). Keeping your playground area safe  to avoid costly accidents reduces the risk of liabilities and establishes a high standard of care within the community.
  2. Manage Expenses: You can reduce unexpected upkeep and replacement costs by incorporating routine preventative maintenance programs, saving money over time and extending the life of the equipment and your investment.
  3. Increase Children’s Play Experiences: Imagine the disappointment for children when playground equipment is broken down and unusable. Kids then miss important opportunities for play  that help build social connections and develop physical and cognitive skills. Children’s lives are improved by having access to well-maintained equipment.
  4. Support Community Values: Taking good care of playground equipment and maintaining a beautiful environment develops positive values for kids and creates a sense of community pride for its users.