IPR covers a wide spectrum of specialty seating ranging from bleachers in variety of venues to large sports stadiums.

Indoor Bleachers

Make the most of your indoor gym space with telescopic and retractable bleacher seating for different events. These flexible seating systems have wireless and safety mechanisms that meet requirements and regulations.


As the distributor of Interkal products, we install bleachers and gymnasium seating which give maximum flexibility, reliability and utility.

Click here to see a recent project at xxx Gym.

Grandstands and Stadium Seating

Our fixed seating options include bleachers, team benches, press boxes, stadiums and sports arenas. We install spectator seats that offer durability, comfort and are built to withstand the elements.


GT Grandstands offers bleachers, team benches, press boxes and other sports seating.

Click here to see a recent project at McKinely High School Softball Stadium.

Portable Bleachers

Portable outdoor bleachers are customizable by size, color and small or large capacity.

Outdoor Bleachers

PW outdoor bleachers are made from high quality materials and durable construction.

Click here to see a recent project at Stoneman Stadium with Fitness Area at Schofield.

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