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Interkal Seating: A Peek Inside The Company

IPR Hawaii was excited to have a peek inside the factory of our main sports facilities seating manufacturer.  Cinja Strickland, IPR Hawaii Project Manager, shared some pics and insights gained from her trip to Kalamazoo, Mi to visit the Interkal headquarters and manufacturing facility.  Here’s what she had to say about her recent experience: “The […]


Inter-generational Play Creates Lasting Bonds

The Art of Play is a great equalizer in life between generations.  Consider the transformative value of parks for the health and vitality of communities as they create opportunities for youth, families, and adults of all ages to gather together and recreate.   The occasions for inter-generational play they provide are invaluable for everyone, as the […]


Poligon Has It Made In The Shade

What do you look for when deciding who will install your park or playground projects? Likely, you have many options to choose from.  Is it quality of workmanship? reliability to get the job done? good customer service?  At IPR Hawaii, these are some of the qualities we look for when selecting our  product manufactures. We’d […]

Recently completed playground with shade by IPR Hawaii-photo

Dark Side Of The Sun

People have worshiped the sun since the dawn of civilization for its life giving attributes. However, there is a dark side to basking in the light of that big ball of fire which can’t be overlooked.  A side that everyone is aware of, yet many choose to ignore.  Our relationship with the sun is ambivalent. […]


Public Spaces Vibrant Cities

The role of public spaces in creating vibrant cities: 100 years ago people gathered in the streets of our cities walking to and from their destinations. This is where they got daily necessities, news, even entertainment; the streets were alive with people interacting and engaging with one another.  With the advent the automobile today’s cities […]


Finding The Right Multipurpose Flooring

Before investing in a flooring system for your school, church, or community center there are many considerations to take into account; especially when a facility must serve a variety of the community’s needs.  Oftentimes, facilities host community events in addition to sports competitions making versatility, durability, and easy maintenance a must.  Flooring systems are also […]


How Synthetic Turf Helps The Environment

I was once a skeptic on contemporary imitations of the natural world, preferring the wild places of my childhood. However, as time passes so does the landscape of our society and oftentimes we must adjust our own perspectives to fit the challenges of our current environments. The modernization of our world has brought us many […]

IPR playground maintenance photo

4 Important Reasons To Protect Your Playground Investment

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers, American television personality (1928 – 2003) A new playground is a huge expenditure for any school or neighborhood community yet the paybacks provided for each individual child and communities as a whole provide valuable foundations for human development in immeasurable ways. […]


5 New Trends In Outdoor Play

The newest trends in outdoor play based recreational equipment are all about encouraging families to enjoy play together and inspiring kid’s imagination! By incorporating more of the natural world and new fitness trends into their new designs we’re seeing some exciting new innovations this year. Check out our list of the top 5 most exciting […]

sacred hearts gymnasium floor

Your Brain On Exercise!

  It’s easy to identify those with active lifestyles by the visible characteristics of a healthy physique.  Less obvious but equally exciting are the effects of physical activity on our brains.  Evidence is continuously building of how nearly every capacity of our mental functioning is improved when we get up and get moving. We seem […]