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Poligon Has It Made In The Shade

What do you look for when deciding who will install your park or playground projects? Likely, you have many options to choose from.  Is it quality of workmanship? reliability to get the job done? good customer service?  At IPR Hawaii, these are some of the qualities we look for when selecting our  product manufactures. We’d […]


Dark Side Of The Sun

People have worshiped the sun since the dawn of civilization for its life giving attributes. However, there is a dark side to basking in the light of that big ball of fire which can’t be overlooked.  A side that everyone is aware of, yet many choose to ignore.  Our relationship with the sun is ambivalent. […]


Public Spaces Vibrant Cities

The role of public spaces in creating vibrant cities: 100 years ago people gathered in the streets of our cities walking to and from their destinations. This is where they got daily necessities, news, even entertainment; the streets were alive with people interacting and engaging with one another.  With the advent the automobile today’s cities […]


Swinging For Swings

Join Ka Hale O Na Keiki and friends on the Big Island for a fun filled day on the Hapuna Prince golfing greens while supporting Hawaii’s keiki. All proceeds will help fund a new swing set for this special Big Island preschool. Click here for more info on the Ka Hale O Na Keiki website